5 Replies to “How to prevent and find out duplicated user accounts”

    1. Yes, agree! I think many websites are using cookie to check duplicated account. One example is facebook. It detects all the user accounts that ever logged in from your computer, and then suggest them to be your friends. 🙁

  1. i do agree.. primarily this is good technic.. also i thought to include some govt record to varify name.!! what you think about it?? reply
    but now i am doing project based on graph structure of there friend circle by using some ieee papers….

    1. For collecting government record info, you will need to be extremely careful to protect it in your system. It will be a disaster (also a legal issue) if the info was leaked out from your system. As this info is very sensitive and of very high value to people, you’ll need to pay a very high cost to protect it. Also I doubt if users are willing to provide this info to a non-government website.

  2. This is absurd. Are you suggesting saving passwords as unsalted hashes, or even directly into the a database?

    That’s some serious abuse of your customers’ trust.

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